Frequently Asked Questions

What geographic markets are best for solar?

The Solar market is dynamic and fast paced.  Due to changing incentives on a state and federal level, constant monitoring is required.  Currently, states with favorable incentives include:

  1. California

  2. Colorado

  3. Massachusetts

  4. Maryland

  5. New Jersey

  6. New York

  7. Ohio

  8. Pennsylvania

Additional states are evolving into markets to deploy solar.  States to watch include: Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.  Contact us or follow us to find out about other states.

What criteria do you evaluate to determine if a solar project is feasible?

Numerous factors are considered to determine if a solar project will be feasible, including:

Federal, state, and utility incentives

Retail Electricity Prices

Permitting Requirements

Utility Commission Rules

Geographic location

Type of Building construction

Roof Age


Environmental Approvals

Tax Incentives

What is the useful life of the solar system?

System warranties typically last 20-25 years.  However,  the useful life is often much longer. Solar panel output typically degrades at about 0.5% each year.

What about roof replacement?

Solar system life spans exceed 20 years. Ideal building rooftops are seven years old or newer or due for immediate replacement. Since roof types vary, contact us for a consultation.

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